Imagine. You’re barrelling down an empty back road. Scrap lumber, softball-sized hail, and debris is flying through the air cracking your front windshield. You see cars speeding away in the opposite direction and just over the horizon you see it – a tornado. While most of us flee in panic or think of disaster movies, Tornado Hunter Greg Johnson feels right at home.

The Ford F-150 is Built Ford Tough with people like Greg in mind. He’s a professional Tornado Hunter who’s devoted his life to chasing the wrath of Mother Nature. We had the opportunity to talk with him on the set of the F-150 Real Stories TV commercial.

Greg and his team specialize in driving towards danger, but it’s not for the thrill, the excitement, or even the picture. They do it to provide real-time information for people’s safety. Whether it’s being the first responders to arrive after a storm to help clear debris and look for missing people, or providing up-to-the-minute storm updates through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for Greg and his team, tornado hunting is about helping those in need.

The Ford F-150 is one of the only vehicles tough enough to withstand the rigors of Greg’s professional life. In just two short years the Tornado Hunters have travelled over 190,000 km and intercepted over 50 storms in their EcoBoost F-150 (who they’ve appropriately named Flash). The strength and durability of the Built Ford Tough frame, the backbone of the truck, also ensures the team is able to withstand all of the harsh terrains including dirt roads, rocks, mud, and anything between them and the next storm. But at the end of the day, Greg and his team of tornado hunters are looking for ultimate dependability. They need a truck that’s ready and willing to take them in and out of some of the most dangerous situations Mother Nature can throw at them, and they need to trust the fact that their truck is always up to the challenge of keeping them safe. And when you’re a professional Tornado Hunter, safety is a number one priority.

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