How do you celebrate 50 years of influence in movies, books, and songs? You bring together some of the biggest Mustang fans in Canada for two incredible events. Earlier this month the Mustang celebrated its 50th anniversary and Ford brought together some of its biggest fans for an unforgettable photo shoot and Show & Shine. From Oakville to Toronto, Hamilton to Ottawa, Mustang clubs put their passion on display for everyone to see.

The Show & Shine event gave everyone a glimpse into the Mustang’s past, while the 2015 Mustang on display gave audiences a look into the future. Select Mustang owners were asked to take part in an iconic photo shoot where they parked their cars in a giant 50 while photographers snapped commemorative photos from a crane.

But with a car as iconic as the Mustang, you can’t get away with having a single event, so Ford threw the 50th birthday party it deserves. Bloggers, car lovers, club members and more all gathered for an evening celebration complete with birthday cake and an opportunity to see the 2015 Mustang up close and personal.

As Mustang celebrated 50 years of North American pop culture, it gave everyone an opportunity to look back at history and forward into where it will take us.

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