If love is a battlefield, then first dates are the front line. They can be nerve-wracking, tension-filled, and intimidating for some folk. After all, the pressure’s on and you’re desperately trying not to crack.

The situation was a little different for Lucas Lubin, though. This was all thanks to “Tory,” his trusted 2011 Ford Taurus.

Lubin had known Samantha for three years, because they shared mutual friends. But finally, they arranged a first date; the rendezvous point was outside a Tim Hortons in Norfolk County, Ont. The plan of attack was to have dinner and see a movie.

As Lubin was driving up to Timmies that day, his stomach was devoid of the typical butterflies that persist right before a first get together.

“As cheesy as it may sound, the car gave me a lot of confidence heading into that first date,” Lubin said. “It’s a sharp-looking car that I knew wouldn’t leave me hanging. And I think everybody wants to pick up a girl on their first date in a ride they can be proud of.”

Lucas and Tory
Lucas and “Tory,” his 2011 Ford Taurus.

And so, that’s how the love story of Lucas and Samantha began.

Long distance

Lubin currently works for a wind energy construction company and is based in Parkhill, Ont. Samantha, on the other hand, is enrolled in school in Orillia, Ont., 300 kilometres away.

That’s about a three-hour drive for Lubin, so naturally, the Taurus plays a key role in their relationship.

“We’re a really active couple and lately there’s a fair bit of distance between us,” Lubin said, adding that they try to make the most of every trip. “That always involves a good amount of luggage between the two of us. It’s really easy to stow away all the bags with all the space we have in the car. We’re driving for hours at times, and the Taurus is really comfortable and roomy. Because of the distance, reliability is important. We’ve never had an issue getting where we need to be.

“That car is with us nearly everywhere we go, so we have a lot of memories in it.”


When Lubin describes his time spent with Tory and Samantha, you can sense his genuine passion.

“I’m happiest when I’m with Sam, and my Taurus helps make that possible,” he said.

His happy memories range from the small things, like drive-in movies and treks across ice-covered highways, to the more relationship-defining moments.

“I knew Sam was a keeper, because one time I sang Lucky by Britney Spears, word-for-word, and she didn’t even hold it against me,” said Lubin with a laugh.

One of his favourite memories came after a trip to Canada’s Wonderland, located in Vaughan, Ont.

“We had just been soaked at Wonderland, and got back to the car dripping wet and freezing,” describes Lubin. “We found a hoodie and a cardigan in the trunk and wound up having to wear that and our underwear [driving back home]. Heat cranked, heated seats on, in the middle of summer, listening to the classy sounds of Una Mas by The Quartertones.”

Still going strong

Lubin and Samantha have now been an item for eight months. And even though the first date is a thing of the past, Lubin still treats her like they’re on the front line.

“Sam is the love of my life. It’s my job to keep her safe when we’re together.”