Kim Bishop is a true Ford convert. Her family was die-hard Chrysler fans, despite being from Oakville, Ontario (home of Ford Canada). As she says, “Ford never crossed my mind. The only thing I knew about Ford growing up was ‘Found On Roadside Daily.’”

From the age of 16, Kim was the proud owner and driver of a Chevy Cavalier. After an unfortunate accident, she was left with no car. “I use my car for everything. Commuting to my job as a Customer Service Representative, going out with friends, trips to Montreal. I knew I had to get another.”

By this time, Kim’s ideas about Ford had begun to change. “Post recession, I had begun to think that Ford’s were starting to look better and better. The features and styling in the cars seemed to be going up, and their fuel economy just seemed to be better each year.” Ironically, it was her dad that suggested she consider a Ford.

“The salesman I dealt with at my local dealership was actually recommended to me by someone else who works at Ford. After my test drive of the Ford Focus SEL, I was sold.”

Kimberly Bishop and her 2012 Ford Focus SEL
“I am further proof that Ford’s aren’t what they used to be.” – Kimberly Bishop

But is she happy with her decision? “No doubt. I love my car. I’ve already recommended Ford to my boyfriend. Everything that Ford advertises about their cars is true. Some of the coolest features are SYNC (I never have to touch my phone anymore), the blindspot mirrors, and definitely the fuel efficiency. I only have to fill up twice a month!”

And her car is turning heads, too. Since she drove it off the lot, she’s caught people staring. “Apparently, I’m not the only one that loves my car. When I walk away from my new Focus, I catch people walking up for a closer look when they think I’m gone! Makes me feel special.”

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