Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Madeleine Mercier did when she first saw the 2012 Ford Focus.

A former Mazda 3 owner, the Quebec native became interested in buying a new SUV with her boyfriend. They visited a Ford dealership to learn more about the Ford Escape and that’s when she first saw the Focus. Madeleine’s feelings for the compact car were so strong that she changed her plans for an SUV. She thought the Focus would better suit her needs. By August 2012, she was the proud owner of a Ford Focus SE.

Using it to commute to work each day, Madeleine has fallen head over heels for her Focus. She really loves its style and interior design, along with the visibility and overall feel. She’s also a big fan of the heated door mirrors and heated front seats.

“I’m still living my honeymoon period with my Focus,” Madeleine said.

The Focus has made Madeleine a true believer in the blue oval. “When it comes time to change my car, I will definitely stick with Ford.” she said.

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