Being a Small Business IT Consultant means being able to get where you and your gear need to be, when you need to be there. And doing it in a small town like Guelph, Ontario means you have to be able to do it with your own car. For Sharon Bennett, her car is her life. “After the bad experience with our last car, I knew we needed something more reliable.”

You see, Sharon recently moved from a Dodge Caliber to a Ford Escape. A move, she says, couldn’t have come sooner. “That Caliber was a complete let down. I was trapped in a 2-year lease with Dodge, and I had nothing but problems with my car. It literally left me stranded on the side of the road!”

Before her lease ended, she was already on the hunt. “I knew I wanted to move up in size, because we have two teenagers. We were considering moving to a Jeep, but after the ordeal with the Caliber, we decided not to go back. We settled on a small SUV and started checking out the competition.”

Sharon and her Ford Escape
“I am further proof that Ford knows how to keep me connected and moving.” – Sharon Bennett

Sharon and her husband really did their homework: Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, nothing seemed like the right fit. Then they tried the Escape.

“Right from the start it was perfect,” explains Sharon. “Look, I grew up poor. We learned to get the most bang for our buck, and that meant putting aside any kind of brand loyalty and going for what is right. Even if that mean driving a bright red Datsun.”

With the Escape, Sharon was able to find exactly what she was looking for at what she calls a “phenomenal deal.” But the clincher for her was the dealership experience.

“The people at the dealership were amazing. No pressure. When I asked about a test drive, they responded with ‘why not take it for the weekend?’ When I decided to pick up the Escape, there was a 10-day period between when I had gotten rid of my Caliber and my new car would arrive. The dealer gave me a Fusion to use for free! Who does that?!”

One of her favorite things now that she’s in the Escape? “Definitely SYNC. I spend a lot of time in my car, so being able to pair my phone, listen to podcasts and my own playlists has made me a happy woman. Best part was that the Escape was the only car we tested that had this sort of system standard!”

“I will totally buy another Ford. In fact I’ve already talked two of my friends into buying them. One bought an Escape, and the other an Escape and a Fiesta! I’ll keep this thing until I can give it to one of my children.”

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