2012 was a year of firsts for Aaron and Donna. As a couple, they bought their first house, celebrated their first wedding anniversary and bought their first-ever vehicle!

After moving from downtown Toronto to a family neighbourhood in East York, the young couple decided it was time to invest in a vehicle. Renting a car was proving to be too costly. “You spend like $100 to $150 for three days (to rent a car) and now we don’t even spend that in gas in four weeks,” Aaron said.

Doing their homework

Before buying, Aaron did his research to find the exact vehicle that his wife was looking for – a car that was both safe and versatile. “We aren’t into the SUVs or compact utility vehicles,” he said. “(They use) too much fuel and it’s harder to get around Toronto in a larger car. We wanted to make sure we got a car that wasn’t going to cost us too much over its lifetime.” With Aaron busy researching vehicles, Donna, on the other hand, believed that the test-drive would be most important to her.

A perfect match

Although they approach car shopping differently, both Aaron and Donna came to the same conclusion: the 2012 Ford Focus was the perfect vehicle for them. Aaron, who was born with glaucoma, doesn’t drive but has always been fascinated by cars. “I know more about my car and other peoples’ cars than a lot of other people.”

Aaron’s favourite thing about the Focus? “It’s got to be the engine. It sounds kinda silly, but I love the horsepower.” Knowing her husband, Donna interjected with, “I knew you were going to say that.”   Laughing, Aaron continued, saying, “The engineering that went into it, I think, is really cool. It sips gas but it still produces a lot of gusto. I think that’s really important.”

As the driver, it’s all about heated seats, technology and style for Donna. “When I’m driving I don’t want to be fooling around with the console,” she said. “I use the voice commands quite a bit. It’s not a sports car but it looks sporty and I like that.”

A self-proclaimed techy, Aaron shared, “I love the fact that this car had a lot of things that its competition didn’t have yet, or haven’t added to their lineups yet.”

Aaron checks out the trunk space

Anniversary present

With this being their first car, Aaron and Donna were willing to wait for their customized 2012 Red Candy Metallic Focus to make its way off the production line. They wanted their new car to be equipped with all of their preferred specs and options. With that, they were still anxiously hoping it would arrive in time for their one-year anniversary. As luck would have it, their Focus arrived days before their planned celebratory weekend getaway. “It was a great anniversary present for ourselves,” Aaron said.

A car that fits their future

Another consideration when buying their first car was to make sure it would suit their lifestyle once they decide to start a family. “(The Focus is) not like one of those cars that says, ‘I have a family.’ I wanted it to be young and not make me feel like an old fart,” said Aaron. “Donna’s going to be the ‘cool mom’ when she pulls up to the school in this sporty red car with the husband in the passenger seat,” he added. “I’m really going to have to pretend I do drive occasionally.”

Donna, the cool mom-to-be?

Aaron actively shares information about the Focus on his Facebook wall and Donna admits that some people think Aaron is “a bit obsessed.” However, Aaron just feels he needs to share “why our car is awesome.”