With their vast collection of Fords that span many eras of automobile history, David and Shirley Forrest can be considered unofficial curators of the blue oval.

The Vancouver couple owns seven Fords, ranging in model years from 1929 to 2009. David, who’s 75 years old and has been involved with cars since he was 14, even has a love story that involves Ford.

He sold his beloved 1934 Ford, which he had converted into a hot rod, in order to pay for engagement rings after proposing to Shirley. David promised his wife he would someday find another 1934 Ford and, a little later in life, he eventually did.

Here’s a look at the couple’s current collection of vehicles:

David Forrest and his award-winning 1934 Ford

1934 Ford 2-Door Deluxe, which David bought in 1986 from a barn in Burlington, Washington. He bought the car in pieces and it took him 23 years to restore the Ford to its current, immaculate condition. Amazingly, everything on the car is “stock” from 1934. The couple recently drove the Ford across the border for a 1,000-mile trip to Redmond, Oregon, where it competed in a car show and won first place.

David and Shirley beside thier 1966 Mustang

1966 Mustang 2-Door Hardtop (Restored)

1930 Ford 4-Door Sedan (Restored)

1930 Ford 4-Door Touring (Under Restoration)

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup (Original)

1966 Mercury ¾ Ton Pickup (Original)

2009 Ford Escape

Can your car collection compete with the Forrests? How many Fords does your family own? Let us know in the comments below.