Gerhard Goldberg’s truck is truly an example of a “Built Ford Tough” product. After putting over one million kilometres on his 2005 F-150, Gerhard still relies on his vehicle to help him run his small courier business.

Putting nearly 600 km on his truck each day, Gerhard says that regular service at Barrie Ford – where he bought his truck – has allowed it to remain road worthy. He assures us that, in addition to regular maintenance, the engine has “never been touched.”

Cory Chapman, service advisor at Barrie Ford, left, stands with Gerhard Goldberg in front of the one-million-kilometre F-150.

“I plan on driving this vehicle until I finally retire – that will probably be next year,” Gerhard said. “Everything is fine and I’m very, very pleased and very satisfied with this vehicle. I think Ford definitely (has) the best truck on the road right now.”

Everyone at the dealership knows Gerhard and his reliable truck, making him quite the local celebrity. You can sense the excitement when those who know Gerhard talk about what it was like to help him become a member of the ‘million-kilometre club.’

Barrie Ford

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