Justin Cathcart’s devotion to Ford started at a very early age. When he was just four years old, friends of his parents visited his home driving a brand-new 1967 Shelby GT 500 KR. It was then that the seeds of love were sown.

“I just fell in love with the car,” said Justin, a resident of Chilliwack, B.C. “As a result of that, I’ve had a real passion for Mustangs my whole life.”

Justin now owns a 2010 Mustang GT. But that’s not all, as the Cathcart fleet also sports a few more Fords.

Justin Cathcart along with his son, Jonah, and his 2010 Mustang

• The family vehicle is a 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, which his wife uses to carry the kids to and from school, as well as to various events. It proved its worth from Day 1, as the Expedition kept Justin’s wife safe during an accident that totalled the other car.

• Justin’s work vehicle is a 2008 Ford Fusion SEL, which he recently converted to use liquid propane gas. Justin chose the four-cylinder Fusion because of its strong fuel economy. He also enjoys the vehicle’s spaciousness.

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For five decades, the Mustang has been a cultural icon. It’s been driven by everyone from Steven McQueen to James Bond and embodies a spirit of independence set free.

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