For the Chings, owning a Ford is a family affair. That’s why it’s almost too fitting that this Ford family is from the small town of Darlingford, Manitoba. The family’s Ford connection goes even further as Susan, Lloyd and Garnet all purchased their vehicles at the local, family-owned and operated Hometown Ford in Winkler.

Lloyd Ching – Father

Growing up, Lloyd was familiar with the blue oval because his dad always drove Fords. “We’ve had Fords in our family for a long time,” he said. And now, the Ford tradition continues with his own family. Since retiring from farming, Lloyd maintains a countrified spirit by always sporting his cowboy hat while driving his 2007 F-150 Lariat.

“I wouldn’t go (anywhere) without my truck,” he said. “I like to take it through the bush, around hills and up hills and stuff like that. It goes everywhere I want to go.”

When describing his family’s choice of Fords, Lloyd stated simply, “We like them or we wouldn’t buy them.”

You can tell Mr. Ching is proud of his truck.

Susan Ching – Mother

During Manitoba’s rugged winters, Susan Ching is in need of a vehicle that can take her safely from the family’s countryside home to Morden Collegiate, where she has been a teacher for nearly 10 years. She says that driving her 2008 Ford Edge, with its “smooth and comfortable ride,” allows her to unwind and relax after a full day of teaching.

What’s a must-have for Susan? A vehicle with a great sound. “Music for me is really important,” she said. “I have it going from the time I get in to the time I get out!” When switching between her MP3 player and ’60s and ’70s radio stations, Susan adds, “No one changes my (radio) station but me!”

Nobody changes Susan Ching’s radio station … except for her.

Garnet Ching – Son

Like his father, Garnet Ching has an affinity for Ford trucks. When his grandfather (Susan’s father) passed, Garnet was willed his four-wheel drive, half ton, ’79 F-150.

A mine geologist, Garnet works underground in a gold mine in nearby Bissett. Always a truck guy, Garnet now owns a 2009 F-150 Lariat. At work Garnet says, “I have to deal with a road that is sometimes not very conducive to driving anything smaller. (Smaller vehicles) are just not built nearly as tough as a truck. So right now I need (the F-150) to get up to work.”

For Garnet, owning a Ford takes on a special meaning. “It’s a personal thing I’ve developed; Fords are tough and can get you out of a bind – I just like driving something with a blue oval on it.”

As the saying goes, once a parent, always a parent – which is why Susan Ching appreciates the fact that when her son takes off with his truck, “We’ve never had to worry about him breaking down.”

Garnet tries to keep his ride fresh and clean.

Family ties

A music fan like his mother, Garnet said his truck has a “fantastic sound system.” A farm boy like his dad, he added, “It’s not a club music kinda truck.”

As avid golfers, both Lloyd and Garnet’s trucks are the perfect vehicles to take to the golf course. Lloyd maintains that although it was his son who introduced him to golfing, “I was the one to buy the first Ford.”

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