Once upon a time, the thought of driving an electrified Ford may have sounded like something out of a Saturday sci-fi matinee, but things have certainly changed!

Many drivers are happily making the switch from gas to models like the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum, and with good reason. The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum is a plug-in hybrid, meaning it is an electrified vehicle with both a gas engine and a battery-powered electric motor with the option to charge by plugging in to the grid.

We asked Ford owners why they get charged up about driving electrified vehicles, and why they felt that now is a great time to get into one. Unsurprisingly, our owners had plenty to gush about!

One reason everyone can be excited abut getting into an electrified vehicle is price, since Ford has reduced the price of the Focus Electric, Fusion Energi, and C-MAX Energi by $3,500 over the last model year. Plus with provincial incentives* in Ontario, BC and Quebec, it’s possible to buy or lease a Ford EV for a price that’s comparable to its all-gas-powered equivalent.


It’s all about guilt-free driving

Clean air—in this day and age, it’s something that many of us think about. While CO2 emissions are a fact of life for many of us drivers, it’s a great feeling to know that you can make a meaningful difference by switching over to an electrified vehicle. To that end, perhaps one of the biggest benefits of driving an electrified vehicle —even a plug-in hybrid like the C-MAX Energi—is that it reduces fuel, as per the 2016 Canadian fuel consumption guide, thereby reducing your CO2 emissions.

It does your wallet a big favour

Let’s just take another moment to savour the sweet reality that Fusion Energi drivers experience: reduced costs on gasoline and fewer trips to the pump.

When you consider how much Canadians spend on gas every year ($2,470 on average, according to a 2014 StatCan survey of household spending), it makes plenty of cents (get it?).

This is especially true with the potential fuel savings you can enjoy from driving a Fusion Energi versus a comparable gas-only vehicle. Based on Fusion Energi’s fuel-cost-per-year figures calculated by Natural Resources Canada, you can save nearly $80 per month compared to the 2.0L engine Fusion that uses only gas.

A stitch in time

Savvy drivers know that switching to an electrified vehicle is like permanently joining business class (in your vehicle). That’s because in Canadian provinces like British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids are permitted to travel in high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes without having to meet occupancy requirements. So, not only are you saving on gas, you’re saving time too. And who doesn’t want to shave a few minutes off their commute every day?

It’s a conversation starter

Because electrified vehicle technology is still relatively new, it’s not something that many of us have firmly grasped. When you drive one around and engage with other motorists, your Fusion Energi Platinum and what it can do is bound to come up. Starting a conversation about the benefits that come with owning a 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Platinum is easy. Who knows—perhaps one day they’ll be plugging in too!

* Incentive is provided by the provincial governments of British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec and is subject to cancellation or change without notice. Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited is not responsible for any changes to or cancellation of the incentive and makes no representations about eligibility. Please consult your provincial government or Ford dealer for more information. Rebate amount varies by eligible vehicle and payment option. Certain conditions apply.