Oh, sweet caffeine.

Giver of energy. Friend of alertness. Always there before early meetings, on awkward first dates, and through late-night exam cramming.

Quite simply: The fuel for our tank.

When you think about it like that, we Ford drivers aren’t so different from the very vehicles we drive—whether it’s caffeine,gas or electricity, sometimes we all need a top-up.


And it just so happens that our precious caffeine fixes happen to come in as many different sizes, tastes, and varieties as there are Fords on the road.Whether you drive a tough and reliable F-150, a sophisticated Fusion, or an unstoppable Ford Escape, there’s always a perfect pairing between your Ford and your caffeinated bevvy of choice:

Ford Fiesta

Perfect pairing: Café Mocha

Unique flavour? Check. A dash of fun and adventure? You bet. It’s no wonder that younger drivers tend to fall in love with the Fiesta—much like a café mocha, it offers an experience worth savouring.


Ford Focus

Perfect pairing: Flat White

You’re looking for more from your coffee and your car: big taste in a small package, along with an element of elegance. As a Focus driver, you like being a little different, perhaps even unconventional. So keep sipping that flat white and turning heads while you drive around town.

Ford Fusion

Perfect pairing: Cappuccino

When luxury and comfort count, there are few better ways to indulge than by driving a Fusion or spoiling yourself with a velvety-smooth ‘chino.

Ford Mustang

Perfect pairing: Espresso

Bold, energized, and an undeniable classic. Mustangs and espresso were made for each other. Talk about a shot of excitement!


Ford Escape

Perfect pairing: Pumpkin Spice Latte

You’re trendy, connected, always ready for a selfie, and fabulously fashionable—just why you gravitate towards the Escape as often as you go for coffee with a dose of autumn.

Ford Edge

Perfect pairing: Americano

A touch more sophisticated, quietly confident, and refined yet muscular. Between the Edge and an Americano, you’ve got yourself one robust pairing.

Ford Explorer

Perfect pairing: Breve

Are you ready to indulge your high-end tastes and adventurous spirit? Prefer your latte with cream substituted for milk? You and your Explorer are ready to enjoy life to the fullest (in a humble-brag way, of course…) remaining both stylish and unique all the while.


Ford F-150

Perfect pairing: 2 Double Doubles

Demanding day on the job site? Not a problem—you’re as popular, reliable and ready-to-go as one of Canada’s most cherished coffee combos.

Ford F-Series Super Duty

Perfect paring: 4 Double Doubles

When your crew chief says “bring it on,” he really means “BRING IT ON.” Nuff said.


Ford GT

Perfect pairing: Absolutely nothing.

Pigs’ll be flying long before any beverage ends up in your Ford GT—how could you even risk a spill in such a beautiful interior.