A giant leap forwards, in going backwards. Chalk another one up for #FordUndisputed.

Many of the most proficient drivers don’t back up trailers daily, making it a tedious task that can become downright unnerving when there’s a crowd watching, and judging your performance.

After almost 10 years of innovation, research, development and testing, we’ve developed exclusive class leading technology that enables Ford F-150 drivers to reverse their trailer with precision and ease, in no time flat.

We call it Pro Trailer Backup Assist. You might call it the best dial on the dashboard. It works directly with the truck’s electrical power steering system, and the tailgate camera essentially allowing you to ‘steer’ the trailer instead of the truck – keeping you focused on where the trailer is going, rather than which way to turn the wheel.

All it takes is four quick measurements for the system to learn your trailer.  The measurements for up to 10 trailers are stored in the truck, allowing you to quickly load your trailer, and activate the system with the push of a button.  Rather than the traditional method of steering the opposite direction to where you want the trailer to go, simply rotate the knob in the direction you want the trailer to go.  You vary the amount of input on the dial depending on the desired degree of turn, and the system will even prevent you from jackknifing.

Once the trailer is on the intended path, release the knob and the system will keep the trailer on its intended path, straightening the truck out to the trailer.  Think of it as being promoted from jack-of-all trades, to Site Manager.

You still call the shots, the direction and speed of the trailer. It’s complicated engineering, made simple to use.

With Pro Trailer Backup Assist, you’ll be seeing a lot less trailer backup fail videos on YouTube, and more happy owners enjoying their recreation time.
It’s all thanks to the Pro Trailer Backup Assist. #FordUndisputed.