We asked Ford Canada’s Facebook community to share their worst driving habits – and they let us have it! Luckily, there is a remedy for every bad on-road behaviour:



You mad? In-car anger takes on many forms – yelling, fist shaking, and other unmentionable actions – but it’s never appropriate, can cause distraction and sets a bad example for young passengers.

Highway serenity comes from knowing some things are beyond our control – other drivers behaving badly, construction in the city, commuter traffic jams – and learning to let go of any anger.

Ford vehicles have a long list of available technologies that are designed to make drivers’ lives easier, comfortable, and limit frustration – not the least of which includes the 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum’s available multicontour front seats with Active Motion. Just sit back and let your in-seat masseuse take your troubles away.



Are you a secret rock star, only unleashing your hidden vocal talents when you feel the grit of pavement beneath the wheels of your Ford?

You’re not alone; according to our Facebook community, there are plenty of talented (or not-so-talented) singers out there who love to sing and drive! But in many cases, these singers should keep that talent secret a little longer – for the sake of passengers’ safety…and in some cases, eardrums.

The days of fumbling around with CDs or AUX cords are finally at an end. With available SYNC 3, AppLink and SiriusXM satellite radio across a range of Ford vehicles, drivers can control audio with voice commands. Put those pipes to use without driving passengers crazy.



There’s no excuse for speeding. It puts passengers, drivers, and pedestrians at risk. Yet it’s one of the most common self-reported issues on Ford Canada’s Facebook page.

There’s a simple remedy for this: self-control. The cure for speeding begins and ends with the driver alone. Tips: Try to leave a bit earlier, practice patience, and repeat this new mantra: We’ll get there when we get there.

For drivers with an unintentional lead foot, the 2017 Ford Fusion’s available Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go technology can help leave speeding in the dust. Adaptive Cruise Control employs the latest radar technology to maintain a preset distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, keeping everyone safer by keeping pace with traffic, even when it comes to a complete stop.



Operating a smartphone while driving is a common accident-causing behavior, and laws are changing to reflect this increasing danger. For connected drivers, putting the phone away is a difficult – but necessary – task. Ford offers the best of both worlds, prioritizing safety while keeping us connected.

Many Ford vehicles offer SYNC 3 with hands-free calling and texting, allowingdrivers to enjoy all the benefits of their mobile device without having to divert their eyes from the road or their hands from the wheel.



Crumbs on the upholstery, sticky hands on the wheel, and diverted attention are three big reasons drivers should kick their in-car snacking habits to the curb.

Eating while driving is among the top bad behaviours self-reported bydrivers, and it’s no surprise; breakfast on the go, a bag of chips in the cup holder, or even a greasy slice of delicious ‘za is a common sight in many vehicles.

No technology can keep drivers fed and mess-free, so here’s an old-fashioned remedy that will help safely maximize snack potential, regardless of what Ford vehicle you drive: Simply pull over, park, and give that snack full attention. Savour the flavour without putting people in danger.



For Ford fans from our Facebook community, distraction takes many forms including billboards, the sight of a passing Ford GT, or even a glimpse of their vehicle’s own reflection.

The remedy for distraction is simply for drivers to keep their eyes on the road, ensuring that they are well rested and able to pay full attention.

Yet distractions are a reality of driving. On models like the 2017 Ford Edge, the available Lane-Keeping System can alert you via wheel vibration and apply steering torque to direct the vehicle into the target lane should it detect inadvertent lane departure.

It’s no substitute for attentive driving, but the available Lane-Keeping System gives drivers a gentle reminder to correct their course.

Want to share your worst driving habit, or suggest an alternate remedy? Comment below or on the Ford Canada Facebook page.

And for more information on the dangers of distracted driving, check out this feature from the National Post and CAA!