Most runners can’t imagine making it through that 5K jog without their iPod and that playlist that keeps the heart pounding and legs moving, even when their brain says “stop.” Isn’t it time that kind of touch technology made its way into Ford vehicles? It has, with SecuriCode keyless entry, a feature that will have exercise buffs sprinting straight for their nearest Ford dealer.

The new Taurus doesn’t require a key – which any runner will tell you is a pesky accessory, especially on that last lap or uphill sprint to the finish line. No more crouching down to tie the car keys to the laces of your running shoes. Or worse, sliding your car key down into your sock, hoping it’s still there when you return.

Taurus Keyless Entry

Now runners can literally park and go, knowing the Next-Generation SecuriCodekeyless entry keypad five-digit code will bring them back to air conditioning, and hopefully a shower, in no time.

With touch-sensitive electronics, mounted behind a sturdy acrylic cover, this system has been tested in all kinds of climates and truly stands up to the elements – just like you. Exhausted, sweaty runners just need to punch in their code, climb behind the wheel and focus on their post-workout bliss.