The Ford GT might just be the pinnacle of automotive execution – a gorgeous supercar that always draws a crowd wherever it goes. From the head-turning aerodynamic styling, to the eye-popping numbers, every design detail of the Ford GT has a distinct performance-driven purpose.

But for all the North American (proudly built in Markham, Ontario, Canada) supercar’s flash and attention-grabbing behaviour, its greatest legacy – and the one that will impact the Ford you drive – might be a little harder to notice.

Beyond memorable auto show selfies or unforgettable checkered flags in the south of France, the Ford GT is making its mark as a test bed for the present and future. Some learnings and innovations from the Ford GT have already been shared, while others show potential promise for the next generation of Ford vehicles.

Here are some of our favourites that have already been put to use, and a couple we hope to see in more Ford vehicles down the road:

Already Applied

Future Potential

Every innovation showcased in the GT, and everything learned from designing it, has the potential to make all Ford vehicles better, either now or in the future. While our own vehicles might be more at home on the job site or the school run than racing around a track, it’ll be nice to know they are a more efficient, more capable, and potentially even safer – all thanks to a little Ford GT DNA.

Which innovation do you hope makes its way to your Ford vehicle? Tell us in the comments below or on Ford Canada’s Facebook page!