Europeans are known as avid curators of cutting-edge style and advanced technology, so it only makes sense that the Ford Fiesta is the best selling small car in Europe for the third year in a row.

Already enamoured with Fiesta’s distinct combination of performance, design and personalized technology features, European customers were especially eager to get behind the wheel of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost model last year. 2014 also saw EcoBoost named the International Engine of the Year for an impressive third consecutive year .

Fiesta’s growing presence on European roads means some exciting changes at the Fiesta assembly plant in Cologne, Germany. In February 2015, the plant will increase production by 300 units a day to 1,850 to meet the growing demand for the Fiesta in the European market.

If you want to find out what all the hype in Europe is about, check out the Fiesta for yourself and tell us how you’d give it a style all your own.


Fiesta is No. 1 in Europe