Have you ever dreamed of talking to your car like David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider? That dream is now a reality with Ford’s SYNC voice-activated technology. With more than 10,000 voice commands, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our team has come up with a list of the coolest voice-commands available! Find out below how SYNC is any driver’s new best friend.

“I’m hungry”: Obviously, we could make this search on our smartphone, but that would mean we’d have to pull over. With SYNC, we can say goodbye to wasting time! Find the nearest restaurants, in only a few seconds, all while driving.

“Call mom”: OK, we have to admit this one is really interesting, especially if she’s been asking you to call back for a week. Use frequently when stuck in traffic.

“Destination nightlife”: This is the perfect one for all the nighthawks looking for new places to check out! SYNC gives us a list of all the hot spots, clubs, casinos and much more!

“Find a spa”: Do we really have to explain why this command is essential?

“Listen to text message”: Reading text messages while driving is deadly. But for those who can’t wait to read, this command is for you. SYNC can now read your text messages out loud while you are driving so you can keep your eyes on the road.

“Find a florist”: You’re late for your anniversary and you obviously didn’t have time to look for a florist… unless you have SYNC! In a few seconds, it will tell you where to find one. Now you’ve got an excellent floral excuse to justify forgetting.  Surprise!

“What’s this?”: Who hasn’t had an argument with a passenger about, “who was the signer of that song?” With this voice command, you’ll get the right answer whether you like it or not, because SYNC will resolve it. Just press the button, ask the question, and get ready to brag.  Or eat humble pie.

Like these voice commands? There are a whole lot more. Find out all the advantages of this technology at http://www.ford.com/technology/sync/.