You’re a Ford driver through and through, and your passion for automobiles flows through your veins like high-octane gasoline.

Maybe it started when you first heard a Mustang’s engine roar. Maybe it was when you got behind the wheel of an F-150 and had that whoa moment. Everyone’s experience is unique, and now there’s a truly unique way to show off your Ford love like a rock star.

Meet the brand new Ford InkMaker app, the perfect way to customize your dream Ford-inspired tattoo without ever having to go under the electric needle (unless you really want to!).

Did we mention that it’s seriously fun to use as well? Basically, you’re creating with pre-designed layers to build your one-of-a-kind look. Start off with some killer background details and add in a flame or two before selecting some classic Ford imagery like a Mustang, a Cobra, or even one of your fave vehicles.

Pinch, zoom, and rotate to get things just the way you want them, and presto—you’ve got yourself a Ford-inspired tattoo that’s as tough as our rides.

But this is also when things get really cool! Once your design is raring to go, take it for a spin on your skin by uploading an image of yourself and positioning it wherever you want. Lookin’ like a tattooed boss? It’s time to share the image on social media.

Either way you play it, nobody is going to have a Ford-inspired design like yours. Talk about a tattoo that’s Built Ford Tough!