You may not know it, but there’s a science to that beloved “new car smell.” In fact, our engineers are pretty selective about everything we put into our vehicles, making sure your Ford not only looks perfect, but can also withstand day-to-day wear and tear while maintaining those good looks. So we put our materials to the test—well, many tests!—from scratching to sniffing to stretching, all to make sure your ride doesn’t lose its “new car” feel or, more importantly, its resale value over time. Let us show you what we mean:

Ford Sniff Test

Fact: We’ve got a team of examiners who individually smell samples of the different materials we use inside our vehicles, and then rank them to help Ford’s engineers land on scents that delight rather than disgust.

Ford Mace Snagging Fabric Test

See those spikey iron balls? We literally put our fabrics through the wringer 600 times while they’re struck, snagged, poked and prodded to ensure they’ve got the strength to withstand scratches from keys, pets, luggage and more!

Ford Dye Transfer Test

Those new blue jeans look great on you, but…not on your car seats. And that’s why our fabrics endure a dye transfer test, where we rub different coloured materials against the vehicle’s seats to make sure we’re producing a product that’s stain resistant.

Ford Fabric Splash Test

We’ve all done it—accidentally spilled coffee or pop in the car and grumbled and groaned while cleaning up the mess. But lucky for you, we make it so you can clean up the mess…any mess, without leaving evidence of that accident behind. We go in and stain our vehicles with everyday substances to evaluate how well they can be cleaned up afterward, testing their overall stain resistance. Coffee crisis averted.