The 2013 Ford Mustang brings new a whole new horse to the races. Inside and out, as well as under the hood, the new Mustang reveals a tonne of new elements.

One of the most important features for sports car lovers is the available power, and the 2013 Mustang’s got plenty of it! The engineers at Ford have extracted up to 420 HP from the new ride, up from the 412 HP in previous models.

Changes have also been made on the inside to further accommodate speed lovers. Renowned Recaro seats, either cloth or leather-bound, are now available. Headspace has also been increased. Now drivers who take their Mustang to the racetrack have ample room to wear their helmets.

Once on the racetrack, drivers can take full advantage of the newly integrated TrackApps, which measure acceleration, braking performance, g-force and quarter-mile performance. It’s everything a driver needs to better their racetrack abilities!

The redesigned hood on the GT now features fully functional, non-decorative heat extractors. These are essential with all the power packed under that hood!

The 2013 front end is more aggressive-looking than its predecessor’s, with HID headlamps flanked by LED lights. But this new look doesn’t disown the Mustang ancestry.

The Mustang’s new backend shines with a piano black finish along the lines of the tail lights, portraying a more aggressive look to match the front end. LED lights circle the tail lamps, divided into three segments that flash sequentially along the front and side flashers – a feature that pays homage to the old days.

Which is a good thing, considering the rich history, and bright future, of the Ford Mustang.

For five decades, the Mustang has been a cultural icon. It’s been driven by everyone from Steven McQueen to James Bond and embodies a spirit of independence set free.

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