Are you thinking about making the jump to the world of trucks? If so, buying that brand-new Ford F-150 is only half the battle – the other half is the language. It’s one thing to drive a truck, but you have to master the dialect as well if you want to think of yourself as a certified trucker.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of 10 words and phrases that will have you speaking truck slang in no time.

Truck Yeah: A popular Tim McGraw song that’s sure to become the anthem for every truck driver. The country music smash even spawned the hashtag #TruckYeah. However, we suggest that you, for obvious reasons, take precaution when throwing around this phrase.

Jacked up: A truck that is raised, or “lifted,” from its original height. These trucks can usually be intimidating because they tend to hover above most other cars on the road. But be careful, as it may likely void your warranty!

Here’s a jacked up Ford truck. (iStock photos)

Chicken lights: When extra lights are put on a pickup truck or 18-wheeler. These are usually done to ensure extra visibility of the truck when driving on dark roads.

Bite: Describing the traction when a tire grips the road. (E.g., “My truck had some serious bite on the dirt roads near my house.”)

Twice pipe: This one is pretty simple – a truck that has two exhaust pipes.

Back off the hammer: Means to slow down. You can also say “Drop the hammer,” which means the opposite.

Granny lane/Hammer lane: Both refer to lanes on the highway. It’s pretty easy to guess which term means passing lane.

FISO: Some use this word as slang for the F-150. It’s derived from the F-150 emblem, which can look like “F-ISO,” if you don’t pay close attention to the numbers.

F-150, a.k.a. FISO. Do you see it?

Brake shoes: Another word for large brake calipers, which can be found on some trucks and cars.

Git-R-Done: We had to include this phrase, which means to … well … get the job done … we think? It’s the catchphrase of American comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who is synonymous with trucks. He even voiced Mater the tow truck in the animated Disney film franchise Cars.

Do you have any truck phrases to add to our dictionary? Let us know in the comments below.