Hi my name is Ammar Khan, Social Media Manager at Ford of Canada, and I’d like to welcome you to our blog.

The story of Ford Canada is the story of every person who’s ever owned a car. From the first used car you scraped and saved every penny for, to the first new car you drove off the lot, we all have stories, and we want to share yours.

We want the Ford Canada blog to be more than just a place to talk about technical details and the release dates of exciting new Ford products. We want to have conversations about the stories and ideas that matter to you.

We’ll also have a place where we can keep you up to date on the cool things we’re working on to share with you, like:

But the blog isn’t the only place you can talk to us right now. If you use Twitter, follow @FordCanada for all the latest news and conversations we’re having. Got a question? We’ll get you an answer. Have a story? Email me, akhan96@ford.com. We’re always looking for your memories, experiences and successes with the Ford vehicles in your life. Tell us how Ford works with your life and your community. We’d love to share!

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