If you want to know what the new Ford F-150 is made of, just ask its Chief Engineer, Jackie DiMarco. She’s been helping design Ford vehicles for almost 20 years (you can see a lot of her handy work in the 2010 and 2011 Mustang). Her most recent accomplishment has been launching the latest model of one of North America’s favourite pickups.

“Seeing that first vehicle run down the assembly line is like your child being born.” – Jackie DiMarco

When it comes to hauling, towing and off-roading, the new F-150 definitely brings it (as usual). But as Jackie assures, this truck’s capability isn’t just about strength – it’s about smarts. Like state-of-the-art cabin and navigation technology that allows you to set controls with your work gloves on; or responsive HID headlamps that cast a brighter light than ever before, and last three times longer than their predecessors.

To hear more about what the new F-150 can do (and why Jackie loves her job) check out the video above.