Consider, for a moment, life without a daily soundtrack.

To me, it feels like a dark world, one in which you can no longer whistle away your working days or boogie away your nights at the local discotheque.

Perhaps most tragically, this horrible alternate universe means you can’t crank the tunes as you head out on the highway while looking for adventure in your Ford.

Talk about a troubling scenario! But thankfully something like that would never happen—we all have a unique soundtrack to our lives and, more importantly, to our drives.


Whether it’s commuting, road tripping, or going out for a night on the town, savvy Ford drivers know that SiriusXM has them covered. The vast selection of stations run the gamut from today’s pop hits, outlaw country and island reggae vibes, to modern rock, soothing new age, edgy comedy, to plenty of news, talk and live sports.

With all of this programming available at your fingertips (and at the sound of your voice thanks to Ford SYNC technology), it certainly begs the question: is there a driving scenario that can’t be soundtracked by SiriusXM? I somehow doubt it…

Helping your sister-in-law move with your F-150 while the game’s already started?

Try SiriusXM NFL Radio

NFL Radio

Picking up the crew en route to the big bachelor party?

Try SiriusXM Fly

SiriusXM Fly

Stuck in highway traffic that makes cold molasses look like a speeding train (and need something to quell your frustrations)?

Try SiriusXM Chill

Sirius XM Chill

Heading on a road trip to Escape and Discover Quebec?

Try Influence Franco

Influence Franco

Cruising towards the annual hotdog eating contest?

Try ALT Nation New Alternative Rock

Alt Nation

Getting pumped up for a night out dancing with the girls?

Try SiriusXM Hits 1

Sirius XM Hits 1

Spending a leisurely weekend antiquing?

Try Real Jazz

Real Jazz

Driving to that medieval LARPing tournament?

Try Octane


Picture any scenario where you’re behind the wheel and you’ll find a SiriusXM station to set the mood. So hop behind the wheel, give the digital dial a spin (or call out your favourite SirixuXM station using Ford SYNC enhanced voice recognition) and hit the open road. The destinations, and soundtracks, are endless.