Winter is fast approaching and some parts of the country have already seen snow. So what better time to revive the old all-season vs. winter tire debate?

In the above video, Mark van Tol, Ford Canada’s communications manager, takes the debate to an icy slalom course, where he tests the different tires on the Ford Focus. In his non-scientific test, Mark found:

  • The winter tires provided much better traction and overall control.
  • Upon close, side-by-side examination, the winter tires have a more aggressive tread that is designed to cut through snow and ice.
  • Winter tires also boast many “channels” that dispose of excess slush and water.
  • Winter tires are made from different compound material than all-seasons, and are subsequently more effective in the winter months. They stay softer despite harsh drops in temperature.

Judging from the evidence, this debate seems to be pretty one-sided. Winter tires simply provide a drive that is more suited for ice and snow. Click here to see how winter tires fared against all-seasons in a brake test.