The 2016 Vancouver Autoshow is fast approaching, and with it comes a whole fleet of Ford fandom. From dream rides to robotic thrills, there’s plenty to experience this year—we’d love to see you there!

Glimpse at what 2017 has to offer

Every year, Ford fanatics just like you are eager to see how we’re upping the ante with new models. And this year offers more than a few reasons to get excited—the autoshow displays the likes of 2017’s Ford Super Duty, Fusion, Escape, and Raptor. Along with the 2016 Focus RS, there’s most definitely something for everyone.

2017's Ford Super Duty, Fusion, Escape, and Raptor along with the 2016 Focus RSPinball with serious horsepower

You know who loves pinball? That’s right: everyone! But, how do you take an amazing game and add a dose of Ford awesomeness? Easy—we took everything you love about the Mustang and themed a custom game around it. This is one pinball session to flip for!

Mustang-themed PinballFord test-driving goes electric

Ready to get behind the wheel of one of Ford’s electrified vehicles? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to experience the performance and forward-thinking innovation you’ll find in 2016’s Fusion Energi, C-MAX Energi, and Focus Battery Electric. If you haven’t yet driven a Ford EV, you’re in for a treat.

2016 Fusion Energy, C-MAX Energi, and Focus Battery ElectricWe’ve got a bleepin’ ROBOT!

Don’t worry, it’s not something scary like whatever this is supposed to be—it’s Hank, Ford’s very own loveable, animatronic robot. Straight out of the future? You bet! Ready to entertain the young and old alike with his robo-charisma and charm? Absolutely! Hank is actually named after Ford’s founding father Henry, and spends his robo-days travelling from one autoshow to the next, providing hours of comedy to Ford fans. Talk about a machine with serious personality!

Hank the Robot