Winter is on its way, and it’s easy to organize a survival kit for your car with a little help from Ford!

Canadian winters can, at once, be part of two different realities: a magical, toboggan-filled time where the world looks like a snow-covered wonderland, and a period of the year when driving in those same conditions is anything but magical.

So as the snowy dustings, flurries, squalls, and storms begin once more, it definitely pays to do some pertinent planning and take stock of your vehicle’s winter survival kit. After all, what could be worse than finding yourself stuck in the cold with an issue that could have been easily avoided with a little planning?

From warm must-haves like blankets and candles to attention-getting essentials such as flares and a whistle, there’s plenty that you could be packing into your kit. In addition to the one you see above, we went ahead and put together a larger winter survival kit of our own to reference.


A little work now goes a long way once you’re out there driving in the winter weather—on the off chance that you’ll need them, it’s good to know that everything will be close at hand so you can concentrate on more important things, like cocoa, snowball fights, and ice fishing.

Tell us what’s in your winter safety kit in the comments or over on Ford Canada’s Facebook page.