Driving a F-150 is like being a part of a big, strong family. The truth is, life is just different when you drive this truck.

Want proof? We made this compilation of some everyday situations that F-150 owners should be familiar with.

You know you’re driving a F-150 when…

… you never lose your vehicle in a parking lot: because the F-150 has an impressive size. Almost 2-metres high, there aren’t many vehicles that can overshadow it! And with a truck this high, you’ll be happy to have the optional Running Board, or even the amazing Power-deployable Running Boards (standard on the Limited and Platinum Edition). These are two awesome features that help when getting in and out of the F-150.

you let your partner buy as much as he or she wants at Ikea because you know everything will fit in it: Even if some boxes are extremely long, you can rest assured that the Stowable Bed Extender will help you safely transport most items. And when you don’t need it, the extender splits in the middle, folds, and stows into the sides of the box to not waste space. What a smart feature!

… you haven’t shovelled snow in a long time: why shovel when no snow bank or ice patch can stop the F-150 and its Electronic Locking Differential. This feature locks the axle and provides traction to the wheels that can really use it, when necessary.

… your cellphone doesn’t stop ringing when your friends are moving: because all your friends know you have the best truck to help them move, whether it’s furniture, appliances, etc. With a cargo box volume up to 1,855 litres, it’s no secret that when moving, an F-150 can result in fewer back and forth trips!  

… your friends don’t call tow trucks anymore: Are your friends always stuck in snow banks? With the best-in-class towing capacity, the F-150 makes helping them a simple and fast process – especially with the Reverse Camera System!

Are you the proud owner of a F-150 with more “You know you’re driving a F-150 when…” situations to share? Do it in the comment space below and who knows? Maybe we’ll do a part two!